Balanced FITTness Services


Personal or Group Training

Enjoy the benefits of personalized, one-on-one training! (Sessions are 1 hour)

Volume Pricing: 10-Pack Rate/hour
Each additional person, add $10 (max 5 people)

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Body Composition Analysis  [ + ]

This assessment of your body composition (weight, body fat %, body water %, bone mass) and measurements can help you monitor your fitness progress.

Cost:  $12


Nutrition Analysis  [ + ]

This is a two-week analysis of your daily caloric intake to help you identify your healthy and no-so-healthy eating habits.

Cost:  $50


Body Composition Analysis Plus Nutritional Analysis  [ + ]

This is for clients seeking a body composition assessment with a two-week nutrition analysis of your daily caloric intake and expenditure to help you identify your healthy and not-so-healthy habits!

Cost:  $45.00
Post-initial nutrition assessments - Cost:  $20


Fitness Assessment  [ + ]

This is an evaluation of your strength and cardio levels. The assessment can be done on its own or in a triple-star format where you assess yourself prior to beginning a fitness program, at the midpoint and as a final evaluation.

Single Assessment - Cost:  $33
Triple-Star Format - Cost:  $60


Exercise Prescription  [ + ]

This is designed for people who prefer to work out on their own. Get a program specialized for your unique fitness needs!

Cost:  $50.00


Starter Fitness  [ + ]

This package includes a body fat analysis, fitness assessment and four personal training sessions!

Cost:  $145.00


Jump Start  [ + ]

This is designed for first-time clients seeking personal training 2x per week for six weeks. Includes initial and final fitness assessments, body composition and analysis plus nutrition analysis and specialized programming!

Cost:  $340


Operation: Back on Track  [ + ]

This is designed for new and existing clients who have slipped from a healthy regime and need a helping hand. This package includes 10 personal training sessions, 3 fitness assessments, 3 body composition analyses, 4 nutritional analyses and 4 weeks worth of meal plans!

Cost:  $450.00


Fitness Minutes  [ + ]

Don't have time in your schedule for a full hour of training? No problem! Purchase "Fitness Minutes" where you choose the length of your workout.

300 Minutes - Cost:  $160
600 Minutes - Cost:  $320
900 Minutes - Cost:  $480


Nutrition Counselling  [ + ]

Know you'd like to change your eating habits, but don't know where to start? Need ideas for healthy meal creation for your family? Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one nutrition education with a certified nutritionist. (Sessions are done in 30 and 60 minute lengths).

30 Minutes - Cost:  $30
60 Minutes - Cost:  $55