Balanced FITTness Testimonials

"Let me tell you why for the last 3 years that I have been a regular Balanced FITTness member and why I love it!! The Proprietor/Trainer -- Pamela Elliott -- exudes an endless, positive energy that radiates to create a close, comfortable environment. Because of this comfort zone, Balanced FIITness caters to a very diverse group of individuals who have become kindred spirits, enhancing each other’s lives far beyond physical fitness."

"Out of the Kickboxing, Abzilla, Yoga Lean, Step and Sculpt, HIIT, Zumba and Outdoor Boot Camp Classes I participate in, my faves are Kickboxing and Zumba. Pam turns mundane exercises like ‘The Bicycle’ into exciting and fun variations -- not to mention the ‘SUMO’ Burpees! Her tireless enthusiasm is infectious! So, if you think you can handle an intense workout (at your own level) mixed with a sense of social community, you should give Balanced FITTness a try!"

"With Pam’s classes, I am motivated to be the best me I can body, my mind, my soul, my community....Balanced FITTness!"

    Perri Gleim


"I can't believe how much of an impact Balanced FITTness has had on my life! I have been working out with Balanced FITTness for the past 4-5 years and I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without it!"

"Not only has Balanced FITTness helped improve my physical strength, but it has also taught me about my inner strength! When you feel like you can't do even one more squat and Pam says, "Okay ladies, four more, we've got this," it gives you that extra little push to find your inner strength, dig deep and make those your best four squats! I recommend Balanced FITTness to everyone, not only do we get to workout and get in shape, but we also have so much fun doing it! We are like one big family!"

"Thank you Balanced FITTness for helping me become the person I am today!"

    Megan McKechnie


"I have tried many gyms and fitness programs through the years. Each time I walked away never to return. Militant instructors and critical participants have made past experiences draining and discouraging. Pam makes fitness fun! She has dynamic workouts, pushing participants to new levels while offering cheerful, encouraging words every step of the way. After every workout, I feel physically tired, but mentally refreshed!"

    Carolyn B.


"I have been taking fitness classes with Pamela Elliott for three years. I love the variety of classes Pam offers and the variety of workouts within each class as I can choose classes to improve all areas of my fitness. I have tried all of Pam’s classes and cannot choose one as my favourite because I like them all for different reasons."

"The classes are organized in such a way that you get as much out of them as you put into them and they are beneficial for both the beginner and the experienced alike. Pam motivates and challenges each individual to work as hard as they can and to improve their personal fitness levels each class. The small group setting of the class is fun and welcoming and Pam makes working out as enjoyable aspossible. I definitely recommend anyone wanting to begin a healthier lifestyle to join one or all of Pamela Elliott’s classes."

    Michelle Gallagher


"Professional, encouraging and energetic. Pam provides a wide variety of programs that keep my interest plus I have learned so many different exercises from her that I am able to implement home workout regimes to keep me active in-between classes. Even on cold winter nights when I think - I'm not going out - I do because I can't miss that class it is so much fun!"

    Cheryl DePape


"Pamela Elliott runs the best fitness classes that I have ever attended! The atmosphere is fun and welcoming. Because of some knee issues, I can't do every exercise in every class and Pam always offers alternatives. There is no pressure to be competitive. I leave every class feeling like I have pushed myself and made gains. Just beware if she describes an exercise as "super-fun!"

    Karen Hambly


"I do one-on-one exercises with Pam as well as a couple of group classes. I really enjoy these classes and they have really benefited me physically as well as mentally. I have a knee and shoulder issue and I can still do exercises without hurting myself mainly due to the one-on-one classes. I have been doing these classes for a couple of years now and really look forward to going, which is odd considering how hard I tried getting out of gym classes in high school! I have lost weight and toned my trouble spots and generally feel great with more energy than I would expect. I will continue these classes as it is very nice to hear compliments from my husband about how good I look to him. Who doesn't want to hear that???"

    Val Bida


"We began personal training with Pam over a year and a half ago. We didn't know what we were getting into. We still have nightmares about our first session! We couldn't believe how out of shape we were. Each class, Pam encouraged us so we would finish an exercise we didn't think we could and this improved our confidence. We went home sore, but had to remember ‘no pain no gain.’ As sessions progressed, we didn't want to come, but knew Pam would be waiting for us. Pam is so easy-going and made everything fun. Well, her kind of fun!"

"We were seeing nice changes so we started classes. We didn't know how the classes would go, but Pam made everyone in the class feel comfortable. As classes progressed, the jokes and laughter began and our fitness family became. Pam is an amazing and inspirational person. When we started a year and half ago we never imaged ourselves training to run a 5 km. Thanks to Pam we have seen improvements both physically and mentally!"

    Rebecca Venn and Tina Hill